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How Networking Can Help Nurses on Travel Assignments

by Tera Tuten on September 13, 2011

Making the decision to temporarily work as a nurse somewhere you’ve never been and with people you’ve never met takes a lot of courage, but an endeavor like this can have huge payoffs. Nurses on travel assignments encounter dozens of opportunities to grow their knowledge, experience, and connections, and all it takes is an effort to network. [click to continue…]


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Telespeech: the Solution to the Speech Therapy Shortage

by Tera Tuten on September 9, 2011

The astounding technological innovations of our time have instilled a sense of hope in people — a sense that almost anything can be accomplished. For the estimated 300,000 children in the world with no access to the speech therapy they need, they’re looking for hope, and they’re looking for solutions. [click to continue…]



Medical JobOver the past year or so, a number of our posts have featured an important common focus: Gaining the greatest advantage possible towards finding your perfect job in healthcare.

Ever since a few people have mentioned how they used more than one posting as part of a larger toolkit for career advancement, we thought it would be a fun (and possibly even more useful) experiment to assemble some of these posts together into a larger career-building unit.

Categorized below is our first-ever multi-entry guide to landing your dream job in the medical industry:

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10 Traits of Highly-Effective Physical Therapists

by Tera Tuten on December 20, 2010

PhysiotherapistContinuing our look at our picks for the top attributes for medical professions, we turn to the highly-rewarding field of physical therapy and ask what makes for an effective (and successful) therapist.

Thinking of getting in to this field? Want to weigh-in on what you think makes for an ideal physical therapist? Read on and have your say about the following traits:

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20 of the Best Cities in America to Practice Medicine

by Tera Tuten on October 27, 2010

Finding the perfect hospital, clinic or other institution to work at is crucial to a medical professional’s job success and satisfaction. But another factor – the city you’ll live in to practice at that institution – is often second, third or not even on the checklist for workplace utopia.

Just in case you were wondering which ones offer the most opportunities for your career and overall happiness in the workplace (and out), here below are 20 of the best U.S. cities to practice medicine in and the reasons they rock to work there:

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7 Bad Habits Medical Professionals Should Kick (While They Tell Their Patients to)

It’s no joke that doctors (and other medical professionals) are often the worst patients.

mad habbits for medical professionals - smokingThough doctors, nurses and other health industry professionals often lead healthier-than-average lives (gone are the days of 9 out of 10 doctors recommending a particular brand of cigarettes,) there are a few vices that would still be good to kick while you’re asking your patients to do the same.

As far as bad habits go, scientific advances, knowledge, and common sense haven’t quite curbed all of the below in the halls of clinics and hospitals: [click to continue…]



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