The Best Cities for Pharmacists

by Carmela Nazareno on January 27, 2015

Live where you vacation. Chances are, you’ve read this statement at some point, somewhere. It may have been on a bumper sticker, a social media post, maybe even a television commercial. If you’re finding it difficult, or maybe even impossible, to fall in love with where you live and work, it may be time for a change of scenery. [click to continue…]


2015 Healthcare Jobs Outlook

by Tera Tuten on January 13, 2015


It’s the beginning of a new year and “best of” rankings are in full swing around the World Wide Web. This week, we looked at some of the top “best jobs” in healthcare lists to bring you an overview of the Best Healthcare Jobs of 2015! [click to continue…]


20 best speech therapy blogs

by Tera Tuten on January 6, 2015

Speech therapy is definitely an area of the medical profession that relieSpeech-therapy-blogss more than others on innovation and sharing within its community of professionals.

We thought it would be fun (and useful) to gather together our top 20 picks for the best speech therapy blogs, in three distinct categories…. [click to continue…]


nurse-practitioner-salaryIt’s looking like a better and better deal these days to become a nurse practitioner.

According to a 2013 survey, full-time salaries for nurse practitioners (NPs) in the U.S. rose more than $8,000 between 2011 and 2013. [click to continue…]


Best states to be a travel nurse

by Tera Tuten on December 23, 2014

Deciding where to work as a traveling nurse? It’s a career path that usually has more options than you know what to do with, travel-nursewhich may lead you to create a laundry list of requirements for what you’re looking for in the destinations you’ll work your way through.

In the interest of helping you (or any friends or colleagues who’re considering travel nursing) to narrow things down, here are our picks of the top U.S. locales to work as a travel nurse, based on population, average pay, number of hospitals, and track record for hiring travel nurses: [click to continue…]


patient-doctor-advice-health-eat-your-greensIt’s tough enough being a nurse or doctor – Just seeing, diagnosing and treating patients seems like it takes up 120% of your available time.

Even though it might save time and money down the road, it seems like the chance to take a few seconds to talk preventative measures with patients just doesn’t exist.

Ever wish you had more time to turn to a patient and say… [click to continue…]

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