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Healthcare Information Technology

video_windows_telemedicineThe days of the house-call-making country doctor might just be back, due in part to emerging technology.

Not only could telemedicine systems bring doctors to patients in far-flung areas, but it could also decrease wait times and hospital stays, as well as bring world-class medicine to the developing world.

If you’re not already using such technology, take a look at our guide to off-the-shelf applications that could have you and your team diagnosing in the sub-arctic, sub-Saharan Africa or the middle of the Pacific with time and budget to spare…

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The future is often weirder than fiction. Nowhere is this more the case than in medicine: Patients from the Victorian era would be dumbfounded – maybe downright scared – of going under a laser, being shoved into an MRI machine, or even just riding in an ambulance. Take a look at some of the things in medicine that could blow our minds (and fix our bodies) in the next ten years… [click to continue…]



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