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After spending 19 years as a certified surgical technologist, our featured traveler Celia decided it was time to take the leap into nursing. And now five years later as an operating room nurse, her passion for making lives better for patients is still as strong as ever. Celia talks to us about her most recent travel assignment with Soliant — one that led her to the beautiful Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona.

It was Celia’s first time traveling to Tucson, AZ and, soon enough, she realized there was much natural beauty to be discovered in this diverse desert town. It was here that Celia was able to cross off one of her bucket list items: the Grand Canyon.


Did you try something new? 

“Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” became more than the lyrics of  hit song for Celia. She actually stood at the very corner that is commemorated in the classic hit “Take It Easy” by American rock band The Eagles. During her assignment, Celia even embarked on mini vacations in the neighboring states of California and Las Vegas. But she didn’t just drive to Las Vegas, she soared through it via the Voodoo Zipline at the Rio Hotel and Casino — talk about an adrenaline rush!


In the hospital where she worked, Celia raved about her great manager who always treated travelers like regular staff. “The staff worked well together and had fun doing it,” she said. Here she had the chance to learn about and operate the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System — another first.

Celia would absolutely recommend Tucson, AZ as an assignment destination for curious travel nurses. Her advice to those considering the switch to travel nursing?


The list will surely go on for Celia whose healthcare travels have brought her to Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, Idaho, and West Virginia. Her Tucson, AZ assignment made it hard to leave because of the kindness of management and staff… and the memories that will keep her smiling for years to come.TUCSON_AZ_NURSING_JOBS

Between hiking in national parks, checking out local food, and long drives across state lines, it’s no surprise that Celia wouldn’t mind going back to Tucson, AZ for work or pleasure (as long as it’s not during the brutally hot summer months).

How has working as a Soliant travel nurse changed your life?


“Soliant and Wendy Washburn (recruiter) make my life a dream come true,” Celia adds.

Check out Celia’s Soliant Travel Adventure Photos!

love my job!


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