Travel Spotlight: OR Nurse Hollie


Traveler-Spotlight-HeaderSome travel assignments take us far… and some take us just far enough. For Soliant OR Nurse Hollie L., an assignment only 3.5 hours away from home meant a chance to experience new places while being close enough to family.

Hollie’s most recent Soliant travel adventure took place in city she’d visited a few times before in her high school days: Lubbock, Texas. This time around, she got the chance to tour local wineries, join the fun at Texas Tech games, get a taste of  local food hot spots, learn to knit, and even join a boot camp fitness program. The most memorable part of her stay though was getting to spend time with family and be home for the holidays even while “away.”

Despite being the only Level 1 Trauma and Burn Center in the area, Hollie completed her travel assignment with ease and enjoyed seeing how a facility like this one worked. Her advice to nurses considering the switch to travel nursing? 

One more tip from Hollie: take on at least two assignments before you commit to the travel healthcare lifestyle.

Hollie’s travel healthcare resume spans several states, including Wisconsin, Nevada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Georgia, and places in between.


When we asked Hollie whether or not this travel assignment was her favorite, she explained that the answer was not a simple “Yes” or “No.” Being with family was a tremendous perk, but other factors left a good impression on her, too.


“What made your 13th travel assignment different from others?” we asked. “Most people would be surprised by what Lubbock has to offer,” Hollie answered.

Our advice to those considering travel nursing is this: opportunities are available near and far so start where you’re comfortable. There may be wonderful cities, facilities, and destinations around you waiting to be discovered. Just… go!


Let us at Soliant make your travel transition a little smoother. Start by browsing our available travel nursing opportunities here.