Travel Spotlight: Locum Tenens Physician Dr. Justin


physician travel jobsSoliant travel healthcare professionals have the flexibility and freedom to experience places they have never seen before all while receiving excellent benefits, great pay and job security.

One of our locum tenens physicians, Dr. Justin, had the opportunity to explore North Central Montana during his locum tenens travel assignment at Indian Health Service in Fort Belknap, Montana. Dr. Justin worked in the outpatient clinic and dealt with chronic and acute health issues. With so many types of healthcare environments and sizes available to travel healthcare professionals, it can be hard to decide the next ideal career move. With Soliant, you will have the opportunity to work in different settings, which may help you decide your field focus and build your career. For Dr. Justin, becoming a locum tenens physician was an appealing option to figure out the type of medicine he wanted to practice.

IMG_20151012_140328458_HDR_2When Dr. Justin wasn’t tending to his patients, he enjoyed local hiking in the mountains that surround the landscape of the reservation. For him, one of the best parts about travel assignments is when family and friends came to visit. Dr. Justin’s family visited and toured religious Indian sites while watching a Bison herd in action. “My wife uncovered a horn amongst noisy rattlesnakes and it is now sitting in our mantle at home as a memento of the adventure,” Dr. Justin shared.

Coffee is a staple in Dr. Justin’s life, similar to most healthcare professionals who are accustomed to long shifts. During his stay, he often spent weekends in Bozeman (primarily to get his Starbucks fix). Some of Dr. Justin’s other favorite spots were local watering holes where he could unwind from a long day. He even ventured over the border into Canada!

“My most memorable part of my stay was experiencing the panoramic views only one can witness in this part of the country,” said Dr. Justin. He told us that he would definitely travel back to Montana for work or pleasure. “Living in Montana is quite different than most urban settings. The sky does seem bigger and the air smells sweet,” Dr. Justin described. He recommended working at an IHS facility from an educational standpoint and for a world traveling experience.

Dr. Justin believes that working as a locum tenens physician for Soliant Health has changed his life by helping him gain the experiences that have helped advance his career, as well as strengthen the insight and versatility that any provider needs to perform effectively.

His advice to all perm physicians considering a switch to locum tenens travel assignments? Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride – and don’t get speeding tickets.

Ready to experience new places or revisit your favorite sites? Contact a Soliant recruiter about becoming a travel healthcare professional today!