Spring Hotspots for Healthcare Travelers



If you are starting to get spring fever, you may be considering where you would like to go on your next healthcare travel job. Spring is a great time to work as a traveler. The weather is warming up, and people are coming out of hibernation. Many cities and communities have various festivals to celebrate the season. Consider some great spring locations for healthcare travelers.

New York

New York City has plenty to offer any time of the year. But when the snow has melted, and the temperatures have climbed, the city really comes alive. There are hundreds of festivals each spring, such as St. George Day in Staten Island, the Prospect Park Fair, and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn. If you would rather explore the city, you can take a walking or biking tour of areas, such as Central Park or downtown Manhattan.


Between Boston, Cape Cod, and Salem, Massachusetts has plenty to offer healthcare travelers during the spring. Whether you are a baseball fan, history buff, or love the beaches, there is something for everyone. There are also world renowned medical centers throughout the state, which may present several possibilities for healthcare travelers.


Montana is a great healthcare travel destination that many people may not consider at first. If you like the outdoors, Montana is the perfect choice. Spring weather in Montana means heading outside. From Glacier National Park in the north to Yellowstone, you will not run out of activities to try, such as mountain climbing, horseback riding and hiking. Although it is one of the country’s most rural states, there is still a need for healthcare travelers.


Nevada is a great destination for healthcare travelers, which you may not have realized. It has diverse climates and activities from Reno to Las Vegas. If you are into winter sports, you may still get a taste in early spring. Many ski resorts still operate until May, if the weather cooperates, and they tend to be less crowded. Head off the mountain and enjoy spring activities, such as great hiking and biking or relax in a hot spring in locations, such as Pyramid Lake or Sierra Hot Springs.

If you are interested in exciting nightlife, Nevada has also got you covered. There is always plenty to see and do year-round. In the spring, the weather is just right to enjoy walking along the Vegas strip or in downtown Reno.


After a long, cold winter, you may feel the need to hit the beach. If you think of beautiful beaches and warm weather, Florida may be one of the first places that comes to mind. Up and down the coast, there are plenty of great locations to try to get a traveler assignment. Whether you go to Miami, Key West, Daytona, or Pensacola, you cannot go wrong with Florida in the spring. Keep in mind that Florida is a popular choice for healthcare travelers any time of the year, so competition can be tough.