The Reality of TV Portrayals of Doctors and Nurses


Whether you can’t get enough of them or whether you never watch them (“who wants to stress out more about patients after work” and “they’re so fake!” are frequent refrains), medical dramas have started to shape public and medical professionals’ perception of the healthcare industry.

But just where do TV medical shows cross paths with real life careers of doctors and nurses (and where don’t they?)

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Surgical Research found evidence to suggest that TV shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy affected surveyed medical students’ decisions to enter surgery.

Some of the students interviewed in the study basically thought surgeons were self-absorbed jerks, who either didn’t have families or had horrible relationships with them.

But how close are these TV-based perceptions to reality?

Here’s a look at five portrayals of life as an intern, resident, and first-year nurse on TV, as well as how closely they line up to reality: Continue reading “The Reality of TV Portrayals of Doctors and Nurses”


The 12 All-Time Greatest TV Nurses


Just like the characters they portray and the real-life professionals they honor, we decided to go big (instead of go home) with this one and rank the most awesome nurses portrayed on TV over the years, starting with #12 and ending with our choice for the most amazing TV nurse of all.

Character: Samantha Taggart

Played by:Linda Cardellini

TV show: ER (appeared 2003-2009)

Ranking: 12

Why she’s here on our list: Sam is a tough, independent single mom trying to raise her son on her own, while trying to make it in the ER. Her character ultimately swims – not sinks – throughout a series of crises both within and beyond the walls of Chicago’s fictional County General Hospital.

Best TV nurse

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