Travel Nursing With Pets


travel nursing with petsLife as a travel nurse comes with a built-in set of logistical challenges. Even when you’re relatively unencumbered in your personal affairs, it can be stressful enough having to spend time every couple of months finding a new assignment, securing a place to stay, and dealing with your mom calling you every three hours to harass you as you try to explain to her yet again that no, you’re not moving home this time just because she needs help unloading her groceries from the car. When you add a beloved pet into the equation, things can get even more complicated.

We know you care more about your furbabies than life itself, and that, when it comes to selecting new assignments, making sure they are comfortable and well taken care of is as much of a consideration as your own access to indoor plumbing (hey, your pets seems to do okay without it). That being the case, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your furry friends to remain a part of your travel nursing lifestyle. Continue reading “Travel Nursing With Pets”


Five Nursing Specialties to Consider


nursing specialtiesWhether you’re a nursing student trying to choose a career path or an experienced RN who is looking for a change of pace, making decisions about a nursing specialty takes a lot of careful consideration. You’ll want to look at daily job requirements, average pay scales, opportunities for growth, and other job features before making your final decision.  While there are dozens upon dozens of specialties to choose from, here are five specialties that have great opportunities available for the right person. Continue reading “Five Nursing Specialties to Consider”


Travel Spotlight: Interventional Radiology Travel Nurse Cynthia


Last year, Cynthia was a perm nurse who was dissatisfied with her daily routine. She came across an interesting Facebook post by Andy Millete, a Soliant Nursing Recruiter, regarding an exciting opportunity. “I wanted to work at a hospital that would teach me how to be a nurse in Interventional Radiology,” Cynthia explained. She decided to take a chance and go for it. Andy told Cynthia about an available position in Kansas City, which raised some concern for the beach lover. “I wasn’t sure about going to the region, but once I got there it was so pretty,” Cynthia said.


Continue reading “Travel Spotlight: Interventional Radiology Travel Nurse Cynthia”


10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience as a Travel Nurse


If you’re heading to a new job as a traveler, you may feel excited and a little apprehensive. Although it is an exciting adventure, starting a new job in a new area can make anyone a bit nervous. But there are several things you can do to make your experience great. Consider some of the 10 tips below. Continue reading “10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience as a Travel Nurse”

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