Therapist Tips: Ideas for Supporting Resistant Students


resistant studentsAs a new school year gets underway, school-based therapists and students benefitting from their services are falling into their new routines. This means a new year of getting to know each other, finding out what works best for everyone, and overcoming any hurdles that are found along the way. In these first days, children are often resistant to working with therapists, especially if it is a new provider or their first time working with such services. While this can be stressful for you as their therapist, there are some steps that you can take to help resistant children warm up to the idea of therapy and adjust to the change in their normal routine. Continue reading “Therapist Tips: Ideas for Supporting Resistant Students”


Top 8 Video Games for Training Surgeons


Who would have thought that a $60 piece of software on a $250 piece of hardware would become a critical training tool for laparoscopic surgeons?

While you could argue this statement isn’t universally accepted (yet), a 2007 study into the relevance of video games as a training tool for traditional, laparoscopic, and robot-assisted surgery bears-out what anyone who became a physician during or after the advent of Pong, Space Invaders or Pacman already knew… Continue reading “Top 8 Video Games for Training Surgeons”