Adding Group Therapy to School Behavior Plans


group therapySchool psychologists have many important tasks in their days, from managing services for children with learning and attention issues to developing behavior plans for challenging students. In many cases, behavioral therapy can be a huge benefit to students, but parents may not have outside resources to make this happen for their children. Adding group therapy into the behavior and support plans that are being developed for your students can be a tremendous benefit both in the classroom and in a real-world setting. It can help more students get the services they need in a format that streamlines the process and saves time. Continue reading “Adding Group Therapy to School Behavior Plans”


Welcoming the Winter Olympic Games


2018 Winter OlympicsThe 2018 Winter Olympics will be taking place in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Athletes from around the world will be competing for medals from February 9 to 25. The winter games are a wonderful theme which could be used to change things up during the cold days with your students. Talk about supporting Team USA for their hard work and determination in making it to the games. Be sure to check in with families at home. With diverse student populations, some families may have members who are going to participate in the games for another country. Incorporating other countries into the mix will encourage multilingual and multicultural pride and acceptance. Continue reading “Welcoming the Winter Olympic Games”