School Based Physical Therapy Spotlight: Yoga Therapy in the Classroom


physical therapy yogaAs a school-based physical therapist, you might be trying to develop new ways to help your students reach their goals. One approach, which may be beneficial for some children is integrating yoga into your treatment plan. Continue reading “School Based Physical Therapy Spotlight: Yoga Therapy in the Classroom”


Staying Motivated as a Healthcare Traveler


happy healthcare travelerWhat can be more motivating than visiting a new city every few months and taking on the challenge of a new travel assignment? Although working as a healthcare traveler can be an exciting career option, everyone has moments when they may feel a little restless or want to do something different.

Whether you’re on your third or tenth healthcare travel assignment, maintaining enthusiasm for the job helps prevent burnout and increases job satisfaction. But how can you keep that enthusiasm going? There are several things you can do to stay motivated and keep your job fresh. Consider some of the following suggestions. Continue reading “Staying Motivated as a Healthcare Traveler”