Hospital Pharmacy vs Retail Pharmacy – What’s the Difference?


When many people think of pharmacy positions, the first thing that comes to mind is the friendly face who fills their prescriptions at the local drug store. However, retail pharmacy jobs are not the only positions out there for pharmacists and pharmacy techs to take advantage of. There are many jobs available in hospital pharmacies and though you might think they are the same, these jobs can be vastly different. Here is what you can expect in a hospital pharmacy versus a retail pharmacy.

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Pharmacy Memes Explained… By a Pharmacist


Pharmacy memes. You’ve seen them when scrolling through your Instagram feed, or when you ended up in some weird nerd corner of the internet by accident while you were trying to search for the ID number of your local CVS so you could leave a scathing Yelp review the likes of which the world has never seen. You squinted, furrowed your brow, and puzzled madly over what the heck they meant, your temper rising as you chewed over the infuriating concept of references existing on the internet that you don’t understand. How dare everyone else not cater to your specific subset of knowledge? Continue reading “Pharmacy Memes Explained… By a Pharmacist”


Why Automated Pharmacies Will Never Replace Pharmacists


automated-pharmacies-never-replace-pharmacists-soliantWould you want a robot dispensing drugs for you and your patients? Odds are, that’s long since been the case, to one extent or another:

Robotics have been used to help dispense medication in some pharmacies since the 1990s and robots for delivering medication have been used in hospitals for a decade.

And even before that, machines have been used for decades to count pills for dispensing – Such technology is now the standard in more than 30,000 pharmacies worldwide.

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A Closer Look at the Demand For Medical Employees


Over the last few months, we’ve looked at the nursing and overall medical staff shortage – perhaps one of the most complex issues in the U.S. medical community.

And while we’ve looked at why the shortage exists and specific states where staff are in demand, we haven’t (until now) looked closely at the demand itself.

Will there really be more of a demand?

Assuming president Obama’s healthcare reform measures kick-in at the beginning of 2014, there will be an Obamacare-based effect, but not the skyrocket in demand some are predicting:

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Pharmacy Specialist Certification: Hype or Hope?


The state of the economy has caused many to reevaluate their careers and has led others to look for ways to make themselves more marketable to potential employers. Although pharmacists have had to worry about the future of their careers less than many other professions, some are still concerned. For those who are concerned, specialty certification is an attractive way to increase one’s knowledge base and provide additional credentials to their resumes.

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Pharmacy Facts & Laws That Will Shock You


Did you know that marijuana was made illegal by passing a tax act in 1937? How does this work? You have to have a stamp to possess marijuana, but it’s illegal to possess marijuana without the stamp.

Today, pharmacists, physicians, and consumers are still faced with amazing and laws. Let’s look at some little-known facts that will make any health practitioner worth his weight in aspirin shake his head.

Something Good in Louisiana

After Katrina, most Americans like to wrinkle their noses at the powers that be in the Bayou State, but here’s an interesting fact: Louisiana is the first state to require that a pharmacist be licensed. This took place in 1806. Things get much sillier after this handy fact.
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