Keith Moffatt- Olympic Trials


Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon

Keith took the time to do a question and answer session about his 2012 High Jump Olympic Trials.

What were the Olympic Trials like this year?

It was not very warm in Oregon, with the temperature being in the mid-50’s. It seemed to rain most of the time we were there unfortunately. I really enjoyed myself despite it being so gloomy, but my body didn’t really react the way I wanted it to. I’m my own biggest critic, and in retrospect, I don’t feel that I was as prepared as I should have been. I think that may just be disappointment. I’ve worked so hard for so long and it’s just disappointing. My training started really well this year, but I had a setback when I sustained a knee injury while participating in my first outdoor meet. That set me back a lot. I had to take off a month right before the trials started and that didn’t help my conditioning. Continue reading “Keith Moffatt- Olympic Trials”