Using Your Nursing Skills in a Crisis


nursing in crisisIt seems that one natural disaster after another is taking place, from multiple hurricanes battering the US and Caribbean islands to major earthquakes devastating communities. The people left reeling in these disaster-stricken areas all have a serious need for the help and skills of nurses. There is often a larger than normal medical need in the areas surrounding a disaster, and some nurses may be unable to work due to their own personal circumstances. Continue reading “Using Your Nursing Skills in a Crisis”


Nursing Soft Skills Are Crucial to Patient Satisfaction


nursing soft skillsIn today’s opinionated, word-of-mouth driven society, patient satisfaction is a very important part of a health care experience. Patients are quick to share their experiences – good and bad – through review channels, social media sites, and simply by talking to their friends and neighbors. Those in the healthcare profession who work directly with patients should be aware of this as they interact and work to strengthen their “soft skills” to help make their care a little more personal.  Continue reading “Nursing Soft Skills Are Crucial to Patient Satisfaction”

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