Peer Support for Physicians: Why You Need It and Where to Find It


peer support groupThere are so many stressors included in the day to day work of a physician. Being responsible for making critical decisions, losing patients, long hours, limited resources, and managing support staff are just a few of the things that weigh heavy on physicians’ minds. It is easy to feel isolated and anxious, often without anyone in immediate contact who understands what goes on in the course of your day. Finding peer support is important for all physicians to help handle feelings of stress, anxiety, and a range of other emotions. Continue reading “Peer Support for Physicians: Why You Need It and Where to Find It”

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Tips for Starting a New Nursing Job


new nursing jobThe first days and weeks at a new job can be stressful, whether you are a freshly graduated nursing student or a seasoned professional making a career move. You’re suddenly surrounded by new supervisors, co-workers, and patients and need to learn new office policies and politics while integrating your personality into the dynamic of your new workplace. Continue reading “Tips for Starting a New Nursing Job”