How to Wade Through 200,000+ Nursing Job Postings


On average, there are 5,000-6,000 nursing-related jobs posted on this site on any given day.

A recent study by Wanted Analytics found nursing to be the most in-demand job in America, with estimates of the number of U.S. nursing jobs open in a year reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

While Soliant adds the handy advantage of having access to a personal recruiter that can work with you on your job search, it’s also important for you to know who you are and what you want, in order to separate the job posting wheat from the chaff.

To that end, here are 5 tips for wading through one of the largest professions for job postings in the U.S.: Continue reading “How to Wade Through 200,000+ Nursing Job Postings”


The Reality of TV Portrayals of Doctors and Nurses


Whether you can’t get enough of them or whether you never watch them (“who wants to stress out more about patients after work” and “they’re so fake!” are frequent refrains), medical dramas have started to shape public and medical professionals’ perception of the healthcare industry.

But just where do TV medical shows cross paths with real life careers of doctors and nurses (and where don’t they?)

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Surgical Research found evidence to suggest that TV shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy affected surveyed medical students’ decisions to enter surgery.

Some of the students interviewed in the study basically thought surgeons were self-absorbed jerks, who either didn’t have families or had horrible relationships with them.

But how close are these TV-based perceptions to reality?

Here’s a look at five portrayals of life as an intern, resident, and first-year nurse on TV, as well as how closely they line up to reality: Continue reading “The Reality of TV Portrayals of Doctors and Nurses”


5 Technologies That Will Change Medicine in the Next 5 Years


Advances in medical technology over the past 5 years have been impressive. But even more impressive: the widespread adoption of a scant few of those technologies.

While we could list dozens of future healthcare game-changers, the picks below are five we think actually stand a chance of being adopted soon, dramatically changing the way medicine is practiced: Continue reading “5 Technologies That Will Change Medicine in the Next 5 Years”

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Which Nursing Job is Easier to Find – ICU Nurse, ER Nurse, or OR Nurse?


There is good news for those contemplating becoming a nurse in the coming years, job opportunities are on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook is excellent for registered nurses and jobs in the field of nursing are expected to increase at a faster rate than in other areas. The one caveat is that positions in hospitals are not expected to increase as dramatically as in other areas because of reduced patient time in the facilities and the increased offerings in specialty facilities for procedures once offered only in hospitals. Not only are these jobs becoming more readily available, they are also great jobs to have. The U.S. News and World Report listed registered nurse as the best job for 2012 in the field of health care and also overall out of all the jobs profiled. It topped the list because of the projected growth in the industry, current employment rates, average salary, and job satisfaction. Continue reading “Which Nursing Job is Easier to Find – ICU Nurse, ER Nurse, or OR Nurse?”


15 Nursing Conferences for 2013 (and Why you Should Attend)


2013 Nursing Conferences SoliantEach year, there are thousands of medical conferences and more than a thousand conferences specific or related to nursing of note in the U.S.

Whether you get to pick a few, have a limited number you can go to, or get asked to weigh-in on which ones you could get sent to, it’s always good to have some conference buzz and meeting intel well in advance.

So, for a month-by-month snapshot of the lay of the land in 2013, check out our look-ahead at 15 important nursing conferences you might want to consider: Continue reading “15 Nursing Conferences for 2013 (and Why you Should Attend)”


6 AIP A+ Ranked Medical Charities (And What They Stand For)


Medical Charities & What They Stand For Every year, the American Institute of Philanthropy picks its Top Rated charities, based on a thorough analysis including effectiveness, money spent on administration vs. distribution of donations. Charities that get the Top Rated seal typically spend 75%+ of their budgets on programs and expend few than $25 to raise each $100 in public support.

Among this list of 500 charities registered with AIP, only about 150 make the top-rated category (while AIP gives out A’s and B’s on its Top Rated list, it also has the option to give a C, D or F to a charity), only a few dozen are awarded with an A+.

Of those, six medical-related charities made the A+ level of the top grade.
Below are a few notes on what they stand for, and how:
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