Is This the Best Diet for RNs Working Night Shifts?


Night shifts can cause a myriad of challenges that wreak havoc on your body and mind.

Working in artificial light can shut down your melatonin production, which helps regulate digestion, hormones, and your ability to think clearly.

Disrupting your circadian rhythms can interfere with sleep patterns.

And there’s usually no where to go exercise in the middle of the night, even for a brisk walk to help you wake up (assuming you can get away for a break.)

If you plan it carefully, though, your night-time diet can be your secret weapon for to staying awake, being alert, and maintaining a healthy weight. Continue reading “Is This the Best Diet for RNs Working Night Shifts?”

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What U.S. Medical Systems Can Learn From Hawaii and Alaska


A recent New York Times article entitled “In Hawaii’s health system, lessons for lawmakers” opens with a story of a Honolulu employee at a U.S.-based ice-cream chain who has health insurance through that chain.

While the chain typically doesn’t offer health insurance to its employees on the mainland, it has to do so in the “Aloha state” due to health industry regulations there.

Hawaii makes your employer guarantee you health coverage

Hawaii was the first state to mandate what is effectively universal healthcare for every person who works, and their families…and they did it all the way back in 1974.

And like a dream-version of those no-medical-exam insurance ads on TV, no one can be denied coverage. It’s state law.

While they were at it, state legislators mandated clearly-defined boundaries to force competing insurers to keep costs under control. Continue reading “What U.S. Medical Systems Can Learn From Hawaii and Alaska”


Which Nursing Job is Easier to Find – ICU Nurse, ER Nurse, or OR Nurse?


There is good news for those contemplating becoming a nurse in the coming years, job opportunities are on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook is excellent for registered nurses and jobs in the field of nursing are expected to increase at a faster rate than in other areas. The one caveat is that positions in hospitals are not expected to increase as dramatically as in other areas because of reduced patient time in the facilities and the increased offerings in specialty facilities for procedures once offered only in hospitals. Not only are these jobs becoming more readily available, they are also great jobs to have. The U.S. News and World Report listed registered nurse as the best job for 2012 in the field of health care and also overall out of all the jobs profiled. It topped the list because of the projected growth in the industry, current employment rates, average salary, and job satisfaction. Continue reading “Which Nursing Job is Easier to Find – ICU Nurse, ER Nurse, or OR Nurse?”


8 Reasons Nurses Get Fired


Donald Trump might have turned the words “You’re fired!” into a pop culture phrase, but the reality is no one likes to hear those words; not even nurses. Over the years, interest in nursing careers has almost doubled, due to the health sector creating over 500,000 new jobs every year.

Despite the huge demand for trained individuals, nurses still find themselves facing the chopping block. Whether considering a career in nursing, or you are currently employed as a nurse, learning the common reasons nurses get fired can help you avoid a day of judgment.
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6 AIP A+ Ranked Medical Charities (And What They Stand For)


Medical Charities & What They Stand For Every year, the American Institute of Philanthropy picks its Top Rated charities, based on a thorough analysis including effectiveness, money spent on administration vs. distribution of donations. Charities that get the Top Rated seal typically spend 75%+ of their budgets on programs and expend few than $25 to raise each $100 in public support.

Among this list of 500 charities registered with AIP, only about 150 make the top-rated category (while AIP gives out A’s and B’s on its Top Rated list, it also has the option to give a C, D or F to a charity), only a few dozen are awarded with an A+.

Of those, six medical-related charities made the A+ level of the top grade.
Below are a few notes on what they stand for, and how:
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