Change Your Habits Now for Cold and Flu Season


As the hot weather of summer begins to fade and kids head back to school, cold and flu season is lurking in the shadows, waiting to make its appearance. Now is the time to start making changes to your personal habits that might have become a little lax over the summer. Those in healthcare should start paying closer attention to their diet, exercise, sleep, and other self-care habits to make sure that their body and their immune system are at their best before the threat of colds and flu are an everyday reality. Continue reading “Change Your Habits Now for Cold and Flu Season”


Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder


Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that affects millions of people around the world. As winter is a cold season with short days and far less sunlight than the rest of the year, this has a serious effect on the mental and emotional health of many. For many medical professionals that work long days where they rarely see even a hint of sunlight, this can be an even greater issue. Whether you, your coworkers, or your patients are experiencing SAD, here are some tips that can help you to identify and deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Continue reading “Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder”