Exciting Career Moves for Nurses


Finding an exciting, fast-paced career is important for many people. Nursing often provides the adrenaline rush that fuels these personality types, allowing them to handle life-or-death situations and intense problem-solving challenges. Sometimes, however, your typical nursing assignment just isn’t quite enough for the die-hard adrenaline junkie. If you’re looking for an exciting change in your career, nursing specialties like these can keep your heart pounding and your mind constantly challenged. Continue reading “Exciting Career Moves for Nurses”


Traveler Spotlight – ER Nurse Stacey


traveler spotlightHas anyone ever told you that you “can’t” do something? The majority of you probably just nodded your heads. Stacey, one of our team ER nurses, was told the same thing when she asked a question in a travel nursing-focused Facebook group: can I start travel nursing as a new grad with less than one year of experience? But Stacey didn’t let that stop her! On today’s blog, we’re asking Stacey why she jumped into travel nursing and what it’s been like so far since she took that risk. Though no travel nurse’s story is the same, a story like Stacey’s can help guide other nurses in similar situations who are looking for guidance! Continue reading “Traveler Spotlight – ER Nurse Stacey”