Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare


artificial intelligence healthcareIf you have ever seen the Disney film Big Hero Six, you’ve met Baymax – “your personal healthcare companion.” This cartoon example of artificial intelligence and the possibilities offered by using such a machine for analysis and diagnosis of patients are one of the best ways to express the potential of artificial intelligence and the future of healthcare. While our own personal Baymax may still be a long way off, there are so many developments in the artificial intelligence field that will change and save many lives. Here are just a few of the many uses of artificial intelligence that have taken root in the past several years. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare”

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Robotic Nursing Assistant Technology Developments


nursing robot assistantWe’ve talked a bit recently on new technological developments in the medical field. From great apps to podcasts to innovative medical devices, there seems to be something new popping up every single day. One of the most intriguing things we’ve seen recently are robots designed to assist in nursing tasks, such as the robotic nursing assistant developed by engineers and scientists at Duke and the RoNA developed by HStar Technologies. While this all feels very exciting and reminds us of the Jetsons, there are many questions and concerns about the impact of bringing in robots to handle jobs typically handled by humans. Continue reading “Robotic Nursing Assistant Technology Developments”

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