Andy’s #21EarlyDays: The Final Stretch


21 early days challenge

Andy is approaching the final days of his#21EarlyDays challenge! Our next post will share Andy’s final thoughts on his challenge. But for now, he takes us back in time and introduces us to the action words that have had the biggest impact on his professional life:  Continue reading “Andy’s #21EarlyDays: The Final Stretch”


Andy’s #21EarlyDays: A 4:30 AM Wake-Up Call


21 early days challenge

What are you doing at 4:30 AM? If you’re like most of us, chances are you’ll be laying in bed, burrowed in your sheets, and snoozing off the last few hours of rest before your day officially begins.

Meet Andy. Andy is a senior recruiter in the Soliant Nursing andy 21 early daysDivision. His fondness of out-of-the-box experiences recently led him to try the #21EarlyDays challenge originated by Filipe Castro Ramos.

As part of this challenge, Andy will be waking up at 4:30 AM for 21 consecutive work days. Why? Let’s hear from Andy himself. His motivations for taking part in#21EarlyDays are:

  • To see the world through a different lens
  • To relate to people that are up/wake up that early – we have many nurses that work the night shift or the very early shift, and get their perspective
  • To get a bunch of stuff done!

We’ll be following Andy’s #21EarlyDays journey on the Soliant blog. Our motivations? To show support for a bravely inspiring colleague and to share with the rest of the world what he has graciously offered to share with us.

Next week, we’ll be recapping the first few days of Andy’s #21EarlyDays challenge. Stay tuned!