Welcoming the Winter Olympic Games


2018 Winter OlympicsThe 2018 Winter Olympics will be taking place in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Athletes from around the world will be competing for medals from February 9 to 25. The winter games are a wonderful theme which could be used to change things up during the cold days with your students. Talk about supporting Team USA for their hard work and determination in making it to the games. Be sure to check in with families at home. With diverse student populations, some families may have members who are going to participate in the games for another country. Incorporating other countries into the mix will encourage multilingual and multicultural pride and acceptance.

Planning Your Own Games

A great way to involve older students is to allow them to help plan their own winter games. Social skill groups can brainstorm together while practicing teamwork. Model what the expectations are for the project. Will you do an opening ceremony, have a parade of nations where you learn about different countries, and should there be games to practice skills? Think about inviting other session groups to join in and talk with them about how to make this happen.

To make things a bit more real, make some of your own torches for each of the participants to have.  A quick and easy torch is shown on “Here Comes the Sun.” Each student will need an empty paper towel roll, aluminum foil, tape, glue, and flame colors in tissue paper.  The Olympic torch flame travels around the world before the actual games. Use your torches to do your own event. This will allow more focus on specific skills and goals. Perhaps running, skipping, or working on a fine motor activity while walking. Anything could be done to be inclusive and make sure it helps those who participate.

Flag Pride for Opening Ceremonies

Talk to students about their heritage. What countries do their families come from? Embrace pride in these lands and create flags to represent the history of each child who will participate. This will help to show how much of a melting pot the United States truly is and encourage pride in where they are from. Make sure that every student has a photo of the flag which they will be making. Provide each individual with their own blank flag paper.

Take time to talk about what each child knows about their family and their history. Allow families to send in items that they may have to share. The winter games provide the perfect back drop for international pride and the focus on getting along with others. Use this for team building and ways to encourage students to open up about themselves. Not only will other children learn about it, but it will help with building self confidence

On the reverse of the flag, use the space for a drawing of the winter sport that each child would select to participate in. When finished with the flags, laminate them and hang them up. These will be great decorations for the opening ceremonies. If your event will be big enough invite family and friends to come and participate. The more involvement from students the better and successful it will be.

Soliant is proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a proud employer of Olympic athletes. We’re so excited for the winter games this year!

Lesley Slaughter


Lesley Slaughter

Lesley has over 14 years of staffing experience and has helped grow our schools division at Soliant from 3 recruiters to over 100! She’s originally from Northwest Georgia, holds a degree in Broadcasting, and loves spending time with her husband and 2 daughters.