(Sham)Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day Activities



We’re only a week away from St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday not only gives us an excuse to wear the green-colored clothing we have tucked away in our closets, it also allows us to celebrate the rich Irish culture in a fun and festive way. If you so happen to be a school-based professional in search of themed activities to do on this day, look no further than our top picks for (Sham)Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day-themed Classroom Activities:

What do you get when you combine Lucky Charms cereal and a plastic bin? A festive sensory play activity! This requires almost no time to prepare and the instructions listed here couldn’t be simpler. Plus — it’s magically delicious!

Pom poms, paper, and sequins are all you need for this Rainbow Pom Pom Craft. Students can practice color identification, counting,  and fine motor skills through decorating their rainbow printables.

This St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Language Pack contains four unique activities that lets students explore the colors of the rainbow, record completed tasks on a Leprechaun’s Hat, locate a missing Leprechaun, and race for the gold in a fun board game activity!

We can’t always get what we want… like when we want to invite a real live leprechaun for a little show and tell in the classroom during St. Patrick’s Day. Would you settle for interviewing one instead? Interview With a Leprechaun lets students to learn about a leprechaun’s unique life experiences while promoting creative and expository writing.

The luck of the Irish must be upon us — check out this collection of more than 100 St. Patrick’s Day teaching ideas!

Already have a St. Patrick’s Day-themed lesson plan in place for next Tuesday? Please share your activity ideas in the comments below!