School Pro Spotlight: School Psychologist Tiffany


We’re proud to begin our new series, featuring stories from and spotlights on our amazing school-based professionals across the country. Stories will come from clinicians of all different disciplines, from speech pathology to sign language interpreting. Our first spotlight focuses on a school psychologist who had an interesting, unpredictable transition in her career. 

Tiffany Wallace began her journey to become a School Psychologist about six years ago. Back then, Tiffany had no idea that her journey would one day lead her 2,500 miles away and back again.

This is Tiffany’s story.

Tiffany decided a long time ago that she wanted to be in the communication field, however, she wasn’t sure exactly how to implement her passion for helping others. After completing both advertising and marketing degrees, she decided that her career needed to be about more: shaping and influencing the next generation for the better. Thus, her passion for working with kids was born.

Tiffany began working toward earning her School Psychology degree at Mercy College in NYC in May 2011, just six months after graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications. From there, she went on to learn and discover her love for her future profession. Working odd jobs here and there to put herself through school fueled her desire to complete her degree and start her new career as a School Psychologist.

An unexpected twist occurred in Tiffany’s plans, however, because she was unable to find a School Psychologist position (open to a new grad) in New York. With fierce competition from tenured Psychologists looming, Tiffany started to worry if her dream would ever be realized. So, she started applying for job openings online. To her delight, she was contacted by a recruiter one day in August 2013. From there, Tiffany expanded her horizons to include the Pacific Northwest, and soon found herself making plans to move.

Little did Tiffany know, she was beginning a path to change her life. She moved nearly 2,500 miles across the country and found herself living and working in the greater Seattle area. Life looked pretty weird for a while; Tiffany traded skyscrapers for hiking boots as she adapted to her new life in Washington. She lived and worked there successfully for three years – she reinvented herself. She became accustomed to an entirely different way of life – both in working as a full-time School Psychologist and learning about life in the Seattle suburbs.

As time went on, Tiffany felt the urge to once again spread her wings. She could sense her East Coast roots were beckoning her home, and she began to make plans to move to the Baltimore, Maryland area. Fortunately, Tiffany was working with her faithful recruiter who helped her transition to Maryland (which happened to be closer to her home in NYC). Tiffany is currently working successfully as a full-time School Psychologist in Maryland, and she continues to make a difference in kids’ lives. Her mission has been and always will be to shape and influence the next generation for the better.

Tiffany has spent the last four years blossoming into a fantastic School Psychologist. She took a chance, made a change, and it paid off. Tiffany, we are honored for you to be our April 2017 SPOTlight School Psychologist!



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