Physical Therapist Salary Range, Average Salaries, and Training Requirements

Considering a career in Physical Therapy? Below, find the salary ranges for each related position, and the associated training required for the roles.


1. Physical Therapist (PT):

a. Physical Therapist (PT) Salary Details:

    • PT Median Salary: $86,850 (per 2017 BLS report).

b. Physical Therapist (PT) Training/Education:

    While physical therapists are only required to have a master’s degree, most people entering the field today choose to earn a doctorate in physical therapy.

2. Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA):

a. Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Salary Details:

    PTA Median Salary: $46,920 (per 2017 BLS report).

b. Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Training/Education:

    Physical therapy assistants generally earn an associate’s degree from an accredited physical therapy program. In addition, many states require licensure or registration for practicing physical therapy assistants.