The Pharmacy Effect


pharmacy week

Do you correct people when they mispronounce medications or do you let it slide? To kick off National Pharmacy Week, we’ll be sharing long-lasting #PharmacyEffects – matters pharmacy pros can relate to right here and on our Facebook page.

pharmacy week

Need a cure for the blues? Check out these pharmacist-certified, chuckle-worthy pharmacy memesWarning: may cause relatability.

Need a cure for a job you’ve lost excitement for? Like certain medications, some jobs lose their effectiveness and appeal over time. If you’re currently experiencing this, consider a new job in a new place. Warning: may cause a newfound love for your profession.

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To all the pharmacy professionals who sat through the lectures, who can pronounce more drugs than the average human and who continue to find the best hacks to make life better – we celebrate YOU!

Happy National Pharmacy Week from all of us at Soliant!