Hospital Pharmacy vs Retail Pharmacy – What’s the Difference?


When many people think of pharmacy positions, the first thing that comes to mind is the friendly face who fills their prescriptions at the local drug store. However, retail pharmacy jobs are not the only positions out there for pharmacists and pharmacy techs to take advantage of. There are many jobs available in hospital pharmacies and though you might think they are the same, these jobs can be vastly different. Here is what you can expect in a hospital pharmacy versus a retail pharmacy.

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Best Jobs For Former Athletes


Female Athlete SwimmingEven the most successful athletic careers eventually come to an end. While aging and injuries make it difficult to continue competing at the highest levels, former athletes have skills and experience that make them ideal candidates for launching new careers when their s
porting careers are complete.

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10 Skills Needed To Be a Physical Therapist


Medically reviewed by Allison Wozniak, DPT

Physical therapist

Continuing our look at our picks for the top attributes for medical professions, we turn to the highly-rewarding field of physical therapy and ask what makes for an effective (and successful) therapist.

Thinking of getting into the field of physical therapy? Want to weigh-in on what you think makes for an ideal physical therapist? Here are our top 10 skills need to be a successful physical therapist.

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6 Ways To Fight Feeling Tired All The Time


Medically Reviewed by Valerie Smith, RN

Tired nurse

If you arrive for your shift feeling sluggish, even after a full night’s sleep, you could be experiencing TATT, or Tired All The Time syndrome. Your ability to work can be affected by fatigue, especially in the healthcare field. We broke down everything you need to know about TATT and how to combat it.

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Soliant Careers – Kennesaw State


Like Kennesaw State University, Soliant is a leader in innovative practices that set us apart from the rest. As a leader in our industry, we recognize that people are at the center of everything we do. Creating long-lasting relationships is one of the reasons why we are successful. When you join the Soliant family, you are joining a group of vibrant, diverse individuals who share a vision for excellence. Learn more about what our Kennesaw alumnus have to say about their career with Soliant. Continue reading “Soliant Careers – Kennesaw State”