Training for the Olympics


I finally adjusted to training and working. I switched up some things in my workout to get home at a decent time. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I used to lift weights after practice. Weights take so long that I wasn’t getting home till around 8:30pm – and that’s a LONG day. There’s an LA Fitness across the street from work at Soliant Health, so I bought a membership, and now I do weights on my lunch break or right after work. That way I can head straight home after my track workout. It saves me a lot of time.

My workouts are shorter now but are high intensity. I do everything at a faster pace. The only thing I hate is all the driving back and forth. If home, work, and training were all 5-10 minutes apart, I’d probably jog to practice straight from work and warm up at the same time. When you’re short on time, efficiency counts.

Work is still great. I love working at Soliant Health. Everyone smiles and sings. It’s a great environment. I could not participate in the Soliant charity run a couple weeks ago with my work team because I had practice, but they had a great time and I’m sorry I missed it.

I am still doing random assignments each day, and I really like it because I get to do take on a new challenge every day. Also it gives me a chance to get up from my desk and stretch out a little; my lower back sometimes tightens up after sitting too long.

After I’d been here a few weeks, I referred my brother Mitchell for a position in our nursing division. After several interviews, he was hired. Interestingly, over 90% of Soliant’s employees in Atlanta were referred into the organization. I’m excited that my brother and I are working together! He just finished his week of training and is anxious to get out and get the job rolling. I think he’ll do great. He’s very tall and looks just like me. When he walked into Soliant, I heard people say, “There is another Keith walking around here somewhere!”

Other News
I went to Las Vegas on October 28 for a High Jump Summit. Basically, it was a meeting with other high jumpers and coaches, where we talk about bettering ourselves as athletes and in our events. For an athlete, attending things like this is much like attending trade conferences or continuing education classes for healthcare professionals. You learn things, hone your understanding of the sport, meet important people…and you get to size up your opponents. Even an athlete needs to network!

Last year when I went to Las Vegas for this meeting, I got addicted to the slot machines. I don’t know what it is about slots, but I could not stop. This year the plan is to ignore the slots – I’ll tell you how that went next time. Wish me luck!


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  1. Were you able to stick to the plan on the slot machines? There’s a reason they call them one armed bandits. Thanks for all your help in the travel nursing area this year. Good luck in your training.

  2. one word, WOW!!!! Keith you make jumping hurdles an everyday adventure…I feel so honored to be working for a company with a well known athlete. My recruiter is Lukasz, and he is a runner as well…I believe he told me he was training for a marathon/triathlon. You guys exhibit heath and fitness as a normal routine in your everyday living. Keith, continue to strive and you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.(quote:john defendis)…….

  3. @tammy, Lukasz is great! You are lucky to have him as your recruiter. He is very dedicated to Soliant and his fitness. He runs or lifts weights on lunch break and even comes in on the weekend sometimes to work. His work ethic is phenomenal and motivation for us all.

  4. Keith, I think its safe to say that we are all honored that you are here when you aren’t training for the Olympics.. Yes I said THE OLYMPICS. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t know any other Olympic athletes. I’ve talked to you on many occasions and your grueling training schedule is enough to make anyone dizzy. Despite training for a GOLD medal you are here everyday and ready to help with a smile on your face.

    Thanks for being a great example to all of us and we are rooting for you buddy!

    Tammie thanks for the words of encouragement. Training for anything is a battle but it feels so good when you achieve that goal or “jump over the bar and clear it”

  5. Keith! Good luck to you buddy!! We are all rooting for you and pulling for you here at home in Atlanta, GA. Best of luck with your entire experience!


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