Keith Moffatt- Olympic Trials


Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon

Keith took the time to do a question and answer session about his 2012 High Jump Olympic Trials.

What were the Olympic Trials like this year?

It was not very warm in Oregon, with the temperature being in the mid-50’s. It seemed to rain most of the time we were there unfortunately. I really enjoyed myself despite it being so gloomy, but my body didn’t really react the way I wanted it to. I’m my own biggest critic, and in retrospect, I don’t feel that I was as prepared as I should have been. I think that may just be disappointment. I’ve worked so hard for so long and it’s just disappointing. My training started really well this year, but I had a setback when I sustained a knee injury while participating in my first outdoor meet. That set me back a lot. I had to take off a month right before the trials started and that didn’t help my conditioning.

What did you take away from this experience?

I needed to be more prepared. That is the biggest thing I took away from it. I wasn’t ready to compete against my contenders with taking a month off from training. Although it was out of my control, the injury, I feel as though there was more that I could’ve done. There’s nothing wrong with being self-critical I believe, and I always strive to do more, work more, prepare better. I know now, once I feel something is “off” with my body I need to get it checked out immediately. I waited too long to seek medical attention with my knee and I may have let my enthusiasm get in the way of preparing smart. I’m going to take a little time off from training right now and just kind of, get refreshed and go into my next bout of training with a clear mind and head, and then get back at it. Indoor season starts in January so I have another goal to reach. I think starting with a clean slate and hitting the training hard will help me.

How do you pick yourself up and continue to persevere?

I just know I still have a lot in me and I’m still young. My youth works to my benefit, so this isn’t the end of the world. I don’t want to take anything for granted, so I’m going to work harder and smarter next time so I can be prepared if anything does happen. I heard before someone say that, being lucky is being prepared when adversity finds you, and when opportunity finds you as well. If I’m prepared, then no matter what happens, I will still put myself in the best position to succeed. I can live with whatever happens after that. The Olympics are only one meet; I still have two more Olympic Trials in me at least! I need more time to train next time around and I’m certain I’ll get better results.

What can we expect from Keith Moffatt next?

I’ll be back! I’m going to work on getting my knee back to 100% and gear up for Indoor Season. I’m not done! There are a lot more things in the future for my career and me. I can guarantee that.