2012…the year of the Olympics is here!


Well, it’s 2012…I survived my trip to Las Vegas and Indoor Track and Field is about to kick off! I will have my first three competitions in Czech Republic. I will compete in Ostrava, Hustopece, and Trinec. I had a minor set back in training due to a hamstring sprain, but it is starting to get better just in time. I try to rehab at my desk by icing and stretching. The temperature has dropped drastically so I have to start packing more layers so I can stay warm. My weight room is still consistent. I am very strong and plan on getting even stronger. I am slowly getting back into my top speed in sprinting, though my hamstring does prevent me from going 100 percent. It’s still very early so I do have time to get everything back to normal.

Work has been great over the holidays. I love how Thanksgiving rolls over into Christmas. The office has been decorated with lights and bulbs. Christmas cards from all of our healthcare travelers (travel nurses, locum tenens physicians, school therapists, etc) are hanging everywhere. People are shipping out gifts and holiday greeting cards. There is always a smell of freshly baked goodies roaming around the cubicles. The radio station is playing Christmas carols instead of the 80’s all day (thank goodness!). The Soliant choir is practicing in the meeting rooms for the big holiday party. People are secretly asking around the office of what to get for the secret Santa gift exchange. I had the pleasure of being Tera Tuten’s secret Santa (smile). The whole company went up to David’s clubhouse for a Christmas brunch. The food was great. I swear I gained about 8 pounds because I kept going back for more. I had the chance to get to know my co-workers on a more personal level. I think it’s very important that you know the people around you at work because Soliant is a big team, and it takes teamwork to be successful here.