5 Pieces of Health Research You Can Thank the Olympics For


From physiologists simulating new methods of different mountaintop breathing conditions for training skiers to sport psychologists helping prime the brains of elite athletes to be more like those of figure skaters to win, the Olympic Games are often prime-time for health science researchers to generate funding for studies that would otherwise be difficult to fund.

While there are thousands of scientists and medical professionals around the world working on Olympic-related research because in-anticipation of Sochi 2014, we found five studies from current and past Olympic Games that have forever changed health research: Continue reading “5 Pieces of Health Research You Can Thank the Olympics For”


A Day In The Life of a US Olympic Team Doctor


olympic-team-doctorThere’s more to great medical care than  having the latest technologies and a well-equipped care team. For US Olympic team Dr. Gloria M. Beim, great medical care meant a whole lot of learning: learning to make the call to withdraw ill athletes,  to detect drugs that are prohibited by the anti-doping agency, and learning a new language.

Continue reading “A Day In The Life of a US Olympic Team Doctor”

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Keith Moffatt- Olympic Trials


Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon

Keith took the time to do a question and answer session about his 2012 High Jump Olympic Trials.

What were the Olympic Trials like this year?

It was not very warm in Oregon, with the temperature being in the mid-50’s. It seemed to rain most of the time we were there unfortunately. I really enjoyed myself despite it being so gloomy, but my body didn’t really react the way I wanted it to. I’m my own biggest critic, and in retrospect, I don’t feel that I was as prepared as I should have been. I think that may just be disappointment. I’ve worked so hard for so long and it’s just disappointing. My training started really well this year, but I had a setback when I sustained a knee injury while participating in my first outdoor meet. That set me back a lot. I had to take off a month right before the trials started and that didn’t help my conditioning. Continue reading “Keith Moffatt- Olympic Trials”

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Journey to the Olympic Trials


We caught up with Keith Moffatt for a quick Q&A session via cell phone while he was on his way to the Olympic trials in Eugene Oregon.

Returning to Hayward Field, one of the most hallowed sites in the sport, the U.S. Olympic Team Trials are hosted in 2012 at Hayward Field. Hayward field was the site of the ’72, ’76, ’80 and ’08 Olympic Trials as well. The country’s most prestigious pre-Olympic event, the Olympic Trials is where the roster for Team USA will be selected for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Continue reading “Journey to the Olympic Trials”

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Coming into the Home Stretch


As the 2012 Olympics in London steadily approaches,  Soliant’s Olympian, Keith Moffat, updates us on his progress:

It’s less than a 100 days to the London Olympics, has your training or motivation changed now that we’re getting close so close?

Yes my training has changed and I am more motivated. My workouts are more intense.  I always make sure I do everything in my workout and a little more. I do not want to look back and feel like I did not do everything possible to make this Olympic team. I may even cut my hours so that I can take my training up a notch.

What’s been going on for work? We heard you shot an internal video for Soliant – can you tell us about that? 

Work has been both busy and fun at the same time.  I was asked by Ron Washburn [Soliant’s Vice President of Nursing Operations] if I had any acting skills. I told him that, in fact, I had very little! He said that he could use me in Soliant’s next training video anyway.

Two other colleagues and I acted demonstrated a scene about handling client phone calls. I really didn’t have much time to memorize the lines, so I just read them as we filmed. It was a fun video. Everyone loved when I jumped on top of the desk and started dancing. I hope to shoot another one in the future. Continue reading “Coming into the Home Stretch”

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