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There are close to 4 million nurses in the United States. And, chances are,  each one has that special nursing moment he or she will never forget.

Think of your first, your current, or your last job as a nurse. What moment made a true impact on who you are today? For the third year in a row, we’re asking nurses to share their Special Nursing Moments with us in honor of National Nurses Week 2016.

By sharing your special moment in a comment below, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $100 SpaFinder gift certificate for some much needed me-time!

Soliant Health proudly celebrates National Nurses Week, May 6-12.


Heartwarming Soliant Special Nursing Moments from years past:





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  1. I recently retired after 22.5 years of military nursing. I took a temporary position in an outpatient surgery center. I love patient care, talking to new people, and helping people.
    I was taking my patient out to her car. As I helped her into her car, she grabbed my shoulder and gave me a big hug. She said, “You are wonderful! You have definitely found your calling and it shows. You took such great care of me and made me feel at ease. Thank you so much!” Her husband smiled and said, “Yes, thank you very much.”
    My patient pretty much summed it all up. Being a nurse is about providing the best care possible, educating the patient & their family, making them comfortable in some of the most stressful times imaginable, and just taking the time to show that you care and that they are not alone.

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    Hello , I’m 50 years old have been a nurse over 20 years , was a CNA before for 5 years . I love Nursing !!! Nursing Times please share , you have my permission . And thank you it’s an honor!!!

    I want to share my story with all who take care of the ill …..

    I have tons of favorite stories as I have been a nurse for over 20 years . But the one that continues to stay in my mind happened when I was a new nurse . I had started working for Hospice , I was assigned a patient that no nurse wanted , they said him and his spouse where mean and hateful , and nothing you did would satisfy them , so the new nurse and new kid on block gets the assignment ( by the way happens a lot to the new ?). I’m scared and very worried as I drive to patients home , I pull up and sit in my car to get my bearings , I say a prayer and gather my equipment and get out of car and go to the door , with shaky hands I ring the door bell . Taking in several deep breaths , an older lady , with a frown answers the door , in grumpy voice say “Who are you ?!!” I explain I’m a nurse from company name of Hospice and here to take care of patient name . She begrudgingly opened the door , I slowly walk in , I notice the home is very cluttered and doesn’t smell to well , I’m lead into a back room where it’s dark and my eyes have to adjust , I see a hospital bed and a elderly man lying in it , he seemed so sad as well as angry . I smile at him with no response , introduce my self and sit down in a chair beside the bed . I begin to talk to patient and he looks at me and says ” aren’t just here to get vital signs , check my medication and see if my pain is better , then leave ? I softly say no sir , I’m here for whatever I can do to help you . He looks surprised , and appears speechless . I ask him if he was a religious man , and he begins to tell me story of how he grew up going to church with his mother and being very involved with church activities , always praying before meals and bedtime , reading the bible daily , but says I’m not sure what happen , as I got older I slowly stopped and have not been involved with religion , maybe my cancer is my punishment for that …. I softly grab his hand and say ” The lord doesn’t punish us , he loves us !” “Can I say a prayer with you ?” He looks at me strangely , I’m scared I offended him , but he says yes ..I pray for peace and comfort for my patient . Then we continue to talk as I do his care , the spouse comes in and asked if I would like something to drink , she said she just made tea , I said yes thank you . She joins us as I’m doing his care and we all begin talking , before I know it I have already been there over 2 1/2 hours , now we don’t get paid hourly , we get paid per visit , so most times nurses want to be through with visits within 45min to hour so to go to next visit . But this didn’t concern me , I was really enjoying time with this family . I asked spouse if she needed some help around the house and to have someone stay with patient while she did errands or just took a break , she looked at me with eyes wide and stated that would be wonderful !! So I called office to see what we could arrange , was told they had no sitters at this time but would add to list , and would arrange for CNA to assist with home , I volunteered to do sitting until we had one , explained to spouse we would arrange our schedule so when I came she could do her needed outings . I had this family in my life for 3 blessed months , and my patient and his spouse became totally different people , very sweet , they became accepting of patients condition and he wasn’t afraid or thinking he was being punished anymore . I was there holding my patient and his wife’s hand the day he passed on . I’m very blessed that I had them in my life to teach me that sometimes all a patient needs is for you to take time to listen , care and show them we will do what we can to help ! This event showed me how much I love being a nurse . Thank you for reading it !!!

  3. One of the joys of being a travel nurse with Soliant Healthcare is meeting new people. I have had so many wonderful experiences these past three years that I wish I had started travel nursing sooner! I have had so many patients request me to take care of them and this is rewarding because it lets me know that what I do does make a difference in someone’s life. I have had several staff members at some of the facilities I have traveled, ask me to be their nurse for their surgical procedure. I felt very honored because they could have asked anyone, and yet they chose a Soliant Healthcare nurse. It is very rewarding to be acknowledged by the patient’s and your peers and I would like to thank the Soliant Team for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings and travel and just experience the joys of being an Operating Room Nurse. Respectfully, Tina Guy, RN.

  4. Working my first travel assignment in San Diego and all the valuable people I met along the way. It was the best time ever!

  5. I will never forget this incident and keep it in my heart as to what we can do for people we cross paths with as a nurse. I was the administrator of a HH office and received a referral from an MD for wound care to a gentleman. Pretty common type referral, right? Wrong. When I sent the nurse she found an 80 year old man living in a smoke shed with no running water and 30 cats and 1 dog living there with him, he knew the number as my nurse could not count them all. She came back to me and ask me were they going to have to take care of him. I said I would see him over the upcoming Holiday weekend and make a determination. Well, I did see him and came to love him quickly. He did have electricity from a cord running from a near by home. Everything else she described was true. He slept in a recliner, and had an old junk car outside that he would raise the truck when he needed a neighbor to take him to the MD. The first visit he told me he had lost his wife many years ago and could not live in the house where they were together so many years and found this abandoned shed where he stayed. I cleaned his wounds and dressed them and when leaving he followed me outside. I hugged his neck and told him I would be back tomorrow and thanked him for allowing me to come. A tear began to run down his cheek. I knew he had not been hugged for many tears, since his precious wife had passed away. He told me he had a gift for me, and he went and got a box of candy out of the trunk of the old car and handed it to me. I took it knowing he wanted to give something back for the love an caring he felt. When the nurse returned to work, she ask me first thing what was I going to do about this man’s situation. I told her I planned to be his nurse if she would not, and I planned to see his medical needs through to healing, as well as his social needs through to a change with his life renewed. She immediately said she would see him as I was her superior and I should not have to see this member, and I told her that is fine, but that I would consider it a pleasure to see him again if need be. We did see him and we initiated a project to build him a one room home with bathroom and shower with a local church. All my people helped work on this home. I went to the local hardware and told them I needed a shower. When they ask what kind, I told them a free one, and they laughed and said they had an old green one that no one wanted, and I said that is just the one I need. We moved him and let him keep 1 cat and we gave the others away. Before the house was competed, the HH aide was told to visit him and get to know him until he agreed to a bath. He came back after 2 weeks and said he just says not today each time he stopped by. I told him be sure you have water, and soap and towels, and we got a change of clothes for him, and I told Steven that he should go today and tell him there is good news and bad news. Good news is I came to visit, and the bad news is you are going to get a bath today. It worked! We got him a new Bible for his birthday, as his old one was fine print and worn completely out. He loved it, but he said I guess you think I could not read it as I don’t have glasses yet, but the Lord let me see it and read it and was with me, and you want to know how I know, he sent me you and love in my life…. Nurses make a difference, a big difference. From there on out as we grew and changed areas for the nurses, they all wanted this little man as we were his family..I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a nurse and make a difference.

  6. My special nursing moment was when I was down in Haiti, we went down with a neurosurgical team and one of our patients had an infected VP shunt, she was weak, and unable to walk. We removed the infected shunt that proved to be quite severely infected and 3 days postoperatively in the compound I looked over before we left and I saw her walking! Holding her mother’s hand she was up and moving around, healthy and on the road to recovery. What a miracle, to see someone so ill be given another chance. To me that is the beauty of working in surgery, we are able to go over to places that need help and see a difference before our eyes through the blessing of surgery. What a beautiful gift we are given as nurses to be able to witness such miracles!


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