Help us rank 2011’s most beautiful hospitals!


We have the nominations for the most beautiful hospitals.  Now, we need your votes!

You’ve nominated some of the most spectacular facilities in healthcare today. But if you really want your facility to make our 2011 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals list, you’ve got to vote!

Vote for 2011’s most beautiful hospital.

Go ahead, get your vote in today. We’ll be taking votes for the entire month, but why wait? Voting today will ensure that your voice is heard! And anyway, you can vote as many times as you want, so vote today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

In fact, I’ve found it useful to set up a daily reminder in my calendar with a link to the poll so that I’ll remember to come back each day. Hope that helps!

So vote! Vote now. Vote early, and vote often. Whatever you do, just vote!

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3 comments on “Help us rank 2011’s most beautiful hospitals!”

  1. Can someone explain what the purpose of this sort of “contest” is? Or how facilities were “nominated”? Obviously, it has nothing to do with a real vote since people can easily stuff the ballot box. Yet I’m sure the winners will tout themselves as being most beautiful.

    Based on the listed facilities that I’m aware of, the photo on your site is not always representative either. (Of course they don’t choose the ugliest area of the hospital to post on the website.)

    My facility keeps sending out daily emails reminding us to vote. Suffice it to say, the thousands of health professionals who are getting these emails have many better things to do. The only reason that I’ve even come to the site is to vote for a hospital other than my own as a minor way of speaking out against the whole process. Now that I’m here, however, it looks even more skewed than I’d originally thought…..

  2. A.T. – I’m sorry that you felt you couldn’t vote for your facility. We created our award to honor all of the facilities that are beautiful inside and out – whether it’s the people inside the building that make the facility beautiful or the facility itself that’s beautiful because it helps calm and relax the patients. We don’t limit our nominations or our voting – we keep it open to the general public, to the healthcare staff, and to the patients.


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