Advantages of Electronic Medical Records


The need for electronic medical reporting is one of the few things that Republicans and Democrats largely agree on, but putting the theory into practice may prove to be more difficult than anticipated, and it remains to be seen whether the system will deliver as expected.

Stethoscope & LaptopBillions of dollars have been set aside for the migration of medical records to digital form, and the big software vendors are scrambling to collect their piece of the pie.

Under the stimulus act enacted by the government in February, hospitals can apply for several million dollars to implement tech programs over the next five years, and individual physicians can get up to $44,000. If powerful monetary incentives are not enough, the payment is offset by a penalty for medical businesses that fail to comply by 2015; they will receive a cut in Medicare reimbursement. It’s easy to imagine scenarios where electronic record keeping would prevent mistakes and provide convenience. Continue reading “Advantages of Electronic Medical Records”


9 Killer Telemedicine Apps That Will Revolutionize Healthcare


video_windows_telemedicineThe days of the house-call-making country doctor might just be back, due in part to emerging technology.

Not only could telemedicine systems bring doctors to patients in far-flung areas, but it could also decrease wait times and hospital stays, as well as bring world-class medicine to the developing world.

If you’re not already using such technology, take a look at our guide to off-the-shelf applications that could have you and your team diagnosing in the sub-arctic, sub-Saharan Africa or the middle of the Pacific with time and budget to spare…

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15 Medical Breakthroughs Expected in the Next 10 Years


The future is often weirder than fiction. Nowhere is this more the case than in medicine: Patients from the Victorian era would be dumbfounded – maybe downright scared – of going under a laser, being shoved into an MRI machine, or even just riding in an ambulance. Take a look at some of the things in medicine that could blow our minds (and fix our bodies) in the next ten years… Continue reading “15 Medical Breakthroughs Expected in the Next 10 Years”