Careers, Salary Ranges, and Average Salaries in Radiation Healthcare, Including Training Requirements

Considering a career in a radiation related profession? Opportunity abounds! As new technologies are developed, new specialties emerge. This page details the 3 most common careers in radiation, their associated median salaries, and even the training and education required for each position.


1. Certified Medical Dosimetrists:

    a. Certified Medical Dosimetrist Salary Details:
    Certified Medical Dosimetrist Median Salary: $87,464
    Certified Medical Dosimetrist Salary Range: $80,344 and $95,306
    b. Certified Medical Dosimetrist Training/Education:
    In order to become a certified medical dosimetrist a candidate must fulfill one of the following three requirements:

      • Attend a medical facility that offers dosimetry training. The training must meet or exceed 18 months and provide clinical and lecture training.
      • Possess a bachelor degree in physical or biological sciences, and complete two or more years of supervised on-the-job training from a medical dosimetrist.
      • Possess an associate degree in a field other than physical or biological sciences, and complete a period of supervised on-the-job training from a medical dosimetrists AND have the following four years of work supervised by a medical dosimentrist.

2. Medical Physicists:

    a. Medical Physicists Salary Details:
    Medical Physicists Median Salary: $124,532
    b. Medical Physicists Training/Education:
    Graduate training in medical physics is required for all jobs in this field; most medical physicists have doctorates. Knowledge of physics and basic medical sciences, such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, and biochemistry, is essential.

3. Radiation Therapists:

    a. Radiation Therapist Salary Details:
    Radiation Therapist Median Salary: $59,177
    b. Radiation Therapist Training/Education:
    Employers generally seek candidates who have earned a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in radiation therapy, or who have completed an associate’s or bachelor’s program in radiography — the study of radiation therapy, followed by a year long certificate program in radiation therapy.