Staying Motivated as a Healthcare Traveler


happy healthcare travelerWhat can be more motivating than visiting a new city every few months and taking on the challenge of a new travel assignment? Although working as a healthcare traveler can be an exciting career option, everyone has moments when they may feel a little restless or want to do something different.

Whether you’re on your third or tenth healthcare travel assignment, maintaining enthusiasm for the job helps prevent burnout and increases job satisfaction. But how can you keep that enthusiasm going? There are several things you can do to stay motivated and keep your job fresh. Consider some of the following suggestions.

Take on a new challenge.

Regardless of whether you’re working as a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, or a nurse, taking on a new challenge can give you a new perspective. Whether you get involved in mentoring, education, or volunteering for a committee, new challenges help you to grow as a professional and can add another dimension to your job.

Remember your success stories.

Working in healthcare can be demanding and stressful. Not every patient story has a good outcome. But from time to time try to remember the instances when you made a difference in someone’s life. Knowing the work you do matters, is often motivation enough to get you through the rough times.

Switch things up.

Consider trying a different type of assignment to keep things fresh from time to time. For example, if you’re an occupational therapist who has primarily worked in hospitals, consider taking a travel job in a school or rehabilitation center. Healthcare travel assignments are often available in nursing homes, acute care hospitals, and sub-acute facilities, but schools and rehab centers frequently have temporary travel assignments open throughout the year as well.

Try a location you never considered before.

One of the exciting things about working as a healthcare traveler is seeing new parts of the country. Think of somewhere you have never been and consider pursuing a travel assignment. It’s exciting to visit a new place and get involved in the community.

Take a break.

Working as a traveler can be great. But it’s also okay to take a break from assignments and go back home. A little breather between travel jobs is a good chance to catch up with family and friends and reassess your goals. A break might also give you renewed enthusiasm for your next travel job.

Get involved.

Getting involved in different activities both at work and away from the job can help you stay motivated. For example, consider volunteering for a cause you support or joining a community organization or church group. Get out of your confront zone, meet new people, and get involved in something different. You may be surprised at what you find.

Make the most of your time off.

Everyone needs time to recharge. When you’re off work, try to enjoy your time. Spend time with friends, pursue a hobby, travel around your city, and just relax. It’s important to have time to yourself to unwind and regroup. Without sufficient downtime, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burnout.

Patrick Dotts


Patrick Dotts

Patrick, who’s grown with Soliant over the past 7 years, manages our growing allied health Division along with our nursing, MSP and physicians groups. He graduated from Bowling Green University, and cherishes his free time with his wife, daughter, and son.