Skill-Builder Tool Belt: How to Land That Perfect Medical Job


Over the past year or so, a number of our posts have featured an important common focus: Gaining the greatest advantage possible towards finding your perfect job in healthcare.

Ever since a few people have mentioned how they used more than one posting as part of a larger toolkit for career advancement, we thought it would be a fun (and possibly even more useful) experiment to assemble some of these posts together into a larger career-building unit.

Categorized below is our first-ever multi-entry guide to landing your dream job in the medical industry:

Get the edge


Certifications to expand your skill set
From nutritionist to asthma educator to medical writer, check out these and eight more skills to add to your repertoire.


Things that aren’t in medical texts…but should be
Most medical textbooks won’t tell you about leadership or business savvy or the politics of everything from referrals to the OR to the relationship between doctors and nurses…but maybe they should. Check out this guide to 12 things you should get up-to-speed on without further ado.


Medical conferences by profession
Be sure to note the 2011 and 2012 entries only in this still relevant yearly guide to the top 60 upcoming medical meetings in America.


Must-have iPhone apps
From diagnostics to reference to records management and drug reference, this list of nine transformative apps has your trusty Apple device serving you more and more as a real-life Star Trek tricorder.


Social media and healthcare
When we looked into the stats in 2009, we were amazed to find that 34 per cent of Americans searching for health information online go directly to social media sites. Over the last year, that number has risen even more with 90 per cent of Americans online searching for health information.

Find your place


20 best cities in America to practice medicine
This post was so popular, we had local papers calling to ask how their town got on the list (or how to get on the list.) Take a look at our overview of the well-known (and little-known) towns you definitely want to consider looking for jobs in.


America’s Nursing shortage by state
It still looks like this problem will get worse before it gets better. The advantage for anyone looking to get into nursing is that this shortage – to a degree – will allow nursing students to pick and choose where they would like to practice. Choose wisely by checking out this look at the locations with the highest demand (and incentives.)

Make it happen


Incentives for changing careers within the medical profession
Looking to leave geriatrics? Want to get in to chiropractic? Looking into whether there are golden tickets into midwifery? Check out this guide to loans, grants, signing bonuses and retraining programs.

Learning to do more with less


A look at hospitals, teams, and individuals who are thriving in one of the most challenging climates in decades.


How to access incentives to become a nurse
For better or worse, this posting dispels the myths of enormous signing bonuses and free living arrangements. Though some of those perks are few and far between, there are a greater number of financial incentives available to incoming nurses than you might have guessed.


The advantages of volunteering
Some do it because it feels good to make others feel good. Some do it to expand their horizons. A look at how volunteering can make you a better medical professional, and a better person.

Seal the deal


Preparing for the interview
Assuming you’re done with school and either applying for your first professional job or changing jobs within the medical profession, take a look at our guide to tricky interview questions (and what they really mean.)

Be the best you can be


Traits of highly effective doctors
We’ll be following this up with a series of sequel posts (Traits of highly effective physical therapists, etc…) For now, check out our original post on traits of the very best medical practitioners.


A little inspiration: Doctors who made a difference
More than making house calls and being there for patients, the following doctors spent the last year coming up with discoveries, techniques, treatments, and tales of bravery that changed the lives of the people under their watch and those under the care of many of their colleagues.

Hopefully you found some insight and inspiration in this inaugural roundup guide to landing the job of a lifetime.

Are there any other kinds of information you’d like to see in future postings? Did we miss anything important?

Have your say in the Comments area below and let us know…

Tera Rowland
Contributor Tera Rowland

Tera Rowland is the vice president of Soliant and has worked in the healthcare staffing industry for almost 20 years in public relations, social media, marketing and operations. In addition to Soliant, Tera worked at the Mayo Clinic as an internal communication manager and for the Children’s Miracle Network. She is a member of the American Marketing Association and the American Staffing Association. Also, Tera has served on the board of directors for the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum as part of the communication committee. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations as well as a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Florida and has been published in the Huffington Post, Healthcare Finance News, Healthcare Traveler Magazine, and Scrubs Magazine. Make sure to read the rest of Tera's blogs!