Five Things That Will Increase Efficiency in Your Practice


efficiency in medical practiceWorking in the medical field often makes for long, stressful days that can be filled with tedious tasks. While the workload may not seem to ever get smaller, finding ways to make your days more efficient can help to reduce some of the stress and allow you to spend less time on the mundane tasks that keep you from enjoying life outside the office.

Work smarter, not harder.

Embrace technology and all of the timesaving benefits of taking some of the more tedious parts of practicing medicine to digital format. Voice recognition software can help reduce the time spent typing up patient notes. Using apps on tablet computers can allow you to enter information into a client’s file as you go through the appointment. These and other forms of technology can all but remove certain tasks from your daily to-do list.

Delegate the mundane.

Delegating tasks is a sensitive thing for some, but if you have someone else who can do the more mundane work of your day, you will be free to do the things that only you are trained to do. Ask employees or co-workers that you trust to take over the jobs that are hanging you up so you can move on to the more important things.

Assess and review regularly.

Take a look at the performance and procedures used by everyone within your practice. Are there things that could be streamlined and be made more efficient? Are there devices and equipment that might help to remove unnecessary steps from an important task? There are always improvements to make and advances that can be incorporated into your practice that will help with efficiency.

Take time for training.

Whether you are incorporating new technology or simply have noticed that some of your staff aren’t quite working to their potential, training is key to making certain that everyone is on the same page and taking care of all business in the fastest and most efficient manner. Untrained staff may have missed steps or be taking the “long road” to complete their daily responsibilities. Proper training will allow everyone to have more time in their day for other tasks.

Streamline intake and information sharing.

Online patient portals are one of the best ways to streamline the intake process and to share results and information with your patients. Rather than having them come in and fill out extensive medical histories, allowing them to complete the paperwork at home will save their time and yours on appointment day. In the same vein, sharing routine results within a patient’s personal portal can help to keep your nurses off the phone and make them available for in-office patients or contacting those whose results require follow-up.

These are just a few ways that will help your days to run more smoothly and your practice to run like a well-oiled machine. What are some of the problem areas that you have in your office that could use an efficiency overhaul?

Ron Washburn


Ron Washburn

Ron runs our nursing division and has been with Soliant since its small beginnings in the early 90s. He’s an integral part of our organization, and not only hosts trainings for our groups, but manages company events and continues to run a desk of clients and candidates.