Andy’s #21EarlyDays: Week 1


21 early days challenge

Andy has made it through the first week of his #21EarlyDays challenge! Below he gives us the low-down on what it’s like to wake up at 4:30 AM for a week straight: 

Good morning to you!  That is the view I get when I am leaving the house at at around 4:45 am.  So what is is like after a week?  Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Don’t ever hit the snooze button!  It is always easy to get up as soon as the alarm clock rings!
  • Bulletproof Coffee is the bomb!
  • I really, really enjoy the peacefulness of the morning.  It is a great time to reflect and just “be.”  There are few distractions in the morning.  I tend to be on my terms as opposed to a schedule and demands that are put on me.
  • I am not rushed to get out of the house and when I get to the office, I am not overwhelmed.  A coworker of mine told me “I feel like I am swimming today!  There is just too much stuff to get done!”  I told him to get up at 4:30!
  • I have more time to accomplish stuff.
  • Even though I go to bed earlier, I tend to hit a wall at about 3:00.  So this is something I have to fight through



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