Andy’s #21EarlyDays: Mission Accomplished


21 early days challenge

And that’s a wrap! Andy has officially completed the#21EarlyDays challenge! So what did 21 days of waking up at 4:30 AM do to and for Andy? He shares his final thoughts below:

  • Having the support of my wife was key.  If you don’t have a support network when doing a challenge, it makes it very difficult.
  • The peacefulness of 4:30 is quite amazing.  No one is out, so it gives you a chance to just “be”; it is a great time to think and reflect; and yes, a great time to get stuff done.
  • Even though I wanted to mix it up and change things, getting into a routine is very important.  My routine would be bedtime at 9:30 pm in order to get up at 4:30.  If I kept this routine (which was most of the time), I had no problem getting up.
  • Although my productivity sky rocketed in the morning, it would be hard to keep this pace.  I would typically hit a wall around 2:30 or 3:00.
  • The world wakes up and stirs between 5:30 and 6:00. Don’t know why exactly.
  • I had some great workouts!
  • I need to continue to have small, attainable goals in my life in order to achieve the much bigger life goals that I have.
  • My goals need to be a struggle; I need to continue to push myself.
  • Getting up this early takes a lot of discipline!
  • have been asked why I did this.  The primary was I did this for myself:
    • I wanted to change/mix it up;
    • I wanted a new goal that was going to be hard and take effort; that would make me suffer
    • I wanted to change to change my routine
    • I wanted challenge the way I viewed the world
    • I wanted to experience suffering – working a twelve our day tiresome; if you do this you will suffer.

So if you have been in anyway inspired, here is the challenge for you:  take on a challenge that will push you.  Change things up! It’s ok to suffer a little.  And then break down this challenge into small obtainable goals.  Perhaps getting up 30 minutes early to run; perhaps read a new book (start with one chapter at a time); or learn something new.  You can do it!

Carpe Diem and make it a great day!


If you’re new to Andy’s #21EarlyDays journey, catch up here. Wondering what the #21EarlyDays challenge is all about? See our first post here. Will you be taking on the #21EarlyDays? Share your motivations below!