2009 Medical Healthcare Salary Ranges, Average Salaries, and Years of Training Required


With the economy trending as it is these days, we’ve been receiving a large number of inquiries about the salary ranges of various healthcare and medical type positions, the average salaries of these positions, and even the number of years of training required for such roles.

Medical personnel smiling.

Its certainly easy to understand the reasons for this demand. The Healthcare industry is typically more stable than many other industries given its role as part of economic stimulus packages , meaning when times are tough, governments invest more in infrastructure initiatives such as healthcare.

Naturally, the first questions people have are:

    a. what positions are available?
    b. what are the salary ranges of the various positions?
    c. what are the average salaries of the various positions?
    d. how much time/training is required to become qualified for each position?

Knowing how important answers to these questions are to our readers, we dug deep, polled our own in-house experts, tallied information from our database, and found answers to each of those questions. Just click on the career of interest to you below for detailed answers to those questions.