Average Salaries in the Pharmacy Industry, Pharmacist Salary Ranges and Training Requirements

Considering a position in the Pharmacy business? Below, please find basic salary information in addition to training and educational requirements for related positions.


1. Pharmacist:

    a. Pharmacist Salary Details:
    Pharmacist Median Salary: Top 10% earn at least $113,018
    Pharmacist Salary Range: $95,384 and $105,719 annually (the middle 50% as per Salary.com)
    b. Pharmacist Training/Education:
    To become a pharmacist, you need to graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from an accredited college of pharmacy, serve an internship under a licensed pharmacist and pass a state examination (NAPLEX).

2. Pharmacy Tech:

    a. Pharmacy Tech Salary Details:
    Pharmacy Tech Median Salary: $23,650
    Pharmacy Tech Salary Range: $18,720 – $32,240 annually (per Salary.com)
    b. Pharmacy Tech Training/Education:
    While many pharmacy technicians receive on-the-job training, employers prefer candidates who have completed a formal training program and received their certification; in fact, more employers are requiring certification as the profession grows. However, there are no state or federal requirements for the formal training or certification of pharmacy technicians.