Nursing Pay By State


A Registered Nurse

Online lists stating the average pay for nurses nationwide can vary wildly and often suggest that huge rises or drop have occurred, but what’s the final word on how (and what) nurses actually get paid under various circumstances? We take a look at the most up-to-date numbers and what the statistics can – and can’t – tell us.

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Is Per Diem Work Right for You?


Per Diem Healthcare WorkerPer diem work provides a variety of pros and cons. Could your schedule use a change?

What is the Meaning of a Per Diem Job?

Have you ever considered working per diem? Not sure what per diem actually means? “Per diem” is latin for “per day” or “for each day.” In healthcare, it is a type of position in which the professional’s work hours vary from week to week, depending on how much the professional prefers to work and how much work the facility needs. Many medical professionals work per diem to pick up some extra money in addition to their full-time positions, but others choose to only work per diem shifts without having a full-time job. Continue reading “Is Per Diem Work Right for You?”


Landing a Nursing Job in Seattle, Washington


Pike Place Market at night in Seattle, Washington. The popular tourist destination opened in 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operated public markets in the United states.

Land a Nursing Job in Seattle, Washington!

Living and working in Seattle is a dream come true for many people. There’s gorgeous scenery, from the Puget Sound and Lake Washington to Mount Rainier and the Cascades, and more coffee shops per capita than anywhere else in the United States. The region boasts a diverse music scene, fabulous dining, competitive professional sports teams, lovely mild summers and high-tech headquarters of companies like Amazon and Microsoft. And of course, the area is home to tourist spots like the Space Needle, a number of museums, and there’s the Pike Place Market, the area’s most popular visitor destination, which features more than 200 vendors and farmers selling their wares. Continue reading “Landing a Nursing Job in Seattle, Washington”

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How to Fill Out an I-9 Form for Travel Nurses


What is an I-9?

The employment eligibility verification form, most commonly known as an I-9, is a requirement for all travel nurses to complete within three business days upon starting. As a travel nurse, you are frequently changing assignments, and each time you start a new assignment you must complete an I-9.

We understand that properly completing the I-9 can be rather confusing. That is why we have broken down the different sections and provided an instructional video to help you out with your next travel nursing assignment.

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Top 6 Travel Nursing Destinations in 2019


Travel nursing offers amazing career opportunities, plus plenty of chances for personal enrichment, as well. It can be tough to decide what positions to apply for, especially when you have a wide range of travel nursing jobs available to choose from. This year, here are a few of our favorite picks for the top travel nursing destinations in the US. See which areas appeal to you as you start your search for a great travel nursing position!

1. Washington, DC

Washington DC, USA at the tidal basin with Washington Monument in spring season.
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What You Need to Know About Becoming an MRI Technologist


mri techniciansMRI technologists are an important part of the diagnostic process in many areas of healthcare. This is such a relevant field that can make a difference in the health and quality of life for many people. Using magnetic resonance imaging to create 3D images of a patient’s body takes quite a bit of skill, as well as special education and training. Certification and experience are not the only pieces of the puzzle when becoming an MRI technician. Those who are successful also must possess a particular set of traits and qualities that help them to do their job effectively. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Becoming an MRI Technologist”