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Travel Spotlight: Locum Tenens Physician Dr. Justin

by Paige Johnsen on January 7, 2016

physician travel jobsSoliant travel healthcare professionals have the flexibility and freedom to experience places they have never seen before all while receiving excellent benefits, great pay and job security.

One of our locum tenens physicians, Dr. Justin, had the opportunity to explore North Central Montana during his locum tenens travel assignment at Indian Health Service in Fort Belknap, Montana. Dr. Justin worked in the outpatient clinic and dealt with chronic and acute health issues. With so many types of healthcare environments and sizes available to travel healthcare professionals, it can be hard to decide the next ideal career move. With Soliant, you will have the opportunity to work in different settings, which may help you decide your field focus and build your career. For Dr. Justin, becoming a locum tenens physician was an appealing option to figure out the type of medicine he wanted to practice. [click to continue…]



Spring Hotspots for Healthcare Travelers

by Soliant Health on March 24, 2015


If you are starting to get spring fever, you may be considering where you would like to go on your next healthcare travel job. Spring is a great time to work as a traveler. The weather is warming up, and people are coming out of hibernation. Many cities and communities have various festivals to celebrate the season. Consider some great spring locations for healthcare travelers. [click to continue…]



Tips for Fitting in as a Healthcare Traveler

by Tera Tuten on February 24, 2015

travel-nursing-tips-first-timeIt is the night before your first day at a new travel assignment. Even if you are an experienced healthcare professional, you may be nervous. It is never easy being the new person. Starting fresh can be both good and bad. It is exciting to get to know people and learn new things. But it can be intimidating not knowing your way around or anyone’s names.

As a traveler, it can be even a little trickier to get to know people. Co-workers may feel you will not be around long, which means they may not make an attempt to get to know you. But there are several things you can do to fit in as a nurse traveler. [click to continue…]



Best states to be a travel nurse

by Tera Tuten on December 23, 2014

Deciding where to work as a traveling nurse? It’s a career path that usually has more options than you know what to do with, travel-nursewhich may lead you to create a laundry list of requirements for what you’re looking for in the destinations you’ll work your way through.

In the interest of helping you (or any friends or colleagues who’re considering travel nursing) to narrow things down, here are our picks of the top U.S. locales to work as a travel nurse, based on population, average pay, number of hospitals, and track record for hiring travel nurses: [click to continue…]



Have Experience, Will Travel!

by Christy Trujillo on September 30, 2014

Every month, more than a quarter-million Americans turn 65.¹ As a nation that tends to place personal value on a job well done, retirement isn’t quite as appealing as it used to be. Some feel the need to work longer to afford the lifestyle they desire to lead during retirement and others fear the lack of purpose that comes with walking away from the professional world. Either way, our time-honored tradition of working hard until we reach a certain age, and then never working again, just doesn’t work for everyone anymore. [click to continue…]


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travel-nurse-top-cities-soliantTravel nursing offers tremendous opportunities to see the world and even your own country.

While not all cities are as liveable (or affordable) as others, there are some that deserve a look, if only to be able to say that you’ve experienced one of the most amazing cities on Earth.

Here are our picks for 10 U.S. cities that travel nurses should consider, whether it’s for a long-term contract, or just a few weeks: [click to continue…]



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