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Improving Patient Wait Times

by Soliant Health on August 22, 2017

patient wait timesPatient satisfaction is important to any practice, and often that satisfaction begins with a clock that starts ticking the moment they walk in the door. Just as your time is important to you, your patients’ time is important to them, and you want to do everything in your power to make them feel as if that time is respected by your practice.

One of the biggest complaints that most of the general public has when visiting any physician is the time spent waiting for their appointment. While there are always emergencies and issues that arise, with some best practices in place, you can reduce wait times and leave the majority of your patients feeling more satisfied with their appointment. [click to continue…]



patient engagement softwareTechnology has made its way into everyone’s home and business, and there is no exception for the health care industry. With cutting edge technology changing the way that we diagnose patients, the health care industry as a whole is embracing new tech with open arms. Patient engagement software is just one way that physicians and other medical professionals can use technology to improve the level of patient care and make office visits more efficient. Here are four ways that patient engagement software might be able to take your office’s performance to the next level. [click to continue…]



intl womens day 2017There are many ways one could go about celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8th) this year. You could helpfully remind your Congressperson that the United States is virtually the only developed country on earth that doesn’t federally mandate paid maternity leave, for one. While you’re at it, you could ask them to reintroduce equal pay for equal work legislation, for another. Or, a personal favorite, you could dig up your old collection of Susan B. Anthony coins and use them to buy lunch. Here at Soliant, though, we just want to take a moment to celebrate women in the healthcare, a field in which women arguably work harder and make a larger impact than they do in any other. [click to continue…]


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10 Informative Podcasts for Medical Professionals

by Soliant Health on November 15, 2016

medical podcastsStaying on top of the latest news and trends in the industry is a crucial task for those in the medical profession. However, with long hours and little downtime, it can be difficult to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of medicine. Podcasts are a great way to stay informed about the latest developments in your field, hear the advice and experiences of other physicians, and sometimes just get some relatable entertainment. Just pop in your ear buds during your lunch break or turn up the volume on your phone during your commute. It’s never been easier to keep current on all of the most recent news and developments. [click to continue…]



Open Communication is a Top Tool for School Nurses

by Soliant Health on November 1, 2016

school nurse communicationMany times, the school nurse is the first person to recognize physical and mental health issues in a child. As we are not typically equipped to diagnose and manage illnesses, communicating with teachers, parents, administration, and other caregivers is the best tool in our arsenal for ensuring that students get the care and attention they need. Whether you are working with a student who has a potential health issue or one who is being treated for an existing condition, here are some top tips for keeping the lines of communication open and healthy. [click to continue…]



Combating the Physician Burnout Epidemic

by Soliant Health on September 13, 2016

physician burnoutBeing a medical professional is a very high stress job. Every day, you hold the lives of your patients in your hands, making decisions that could affect their quality of life, delivering sometimes horrific news, and working long hours to help as many people as you can in the course of your day.  Often, your hard work and great care go unnoticed as you go home to rest up for another day at the office, only to have to rush back out to handle the latest emergency with a patient. [click to continue…]



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