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Robotic Nursing Assistant Technology Developments

by Soliant Health on February 28, 2017

nursing robot assistantWe’ve talked a bit recently on new technological developments in the medical field. From great apps to podcasts to innovative medical devices, there seems to be something new popping up every single day. One of the most intriguing things we’ve seen recently are robots designed to assist in nursing tasks, such as the robotic nursing assistant developed by engineers and scientists at Duke and the RoNA developed by HStar Technologies. While this all feels very exciting and reminds us of the Jetsons, there are many questions and concerns about the impact of bringing in robots to handle jobs typically handled by humans. [click to continue…]


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cold flu seasonCold and flu season is knocking on the door, and no one knows this better than those who work in direct patient care. Not only is this a very busy season for those in health care, but it’s also a risky one. With germs flying all around, it can be easy to fall victim to whatever bug is bringing folks in for an office visit. While it’s impossible to avoid contact with germs when working in a clinical setting, here are some tips for healthcare professionals to help them stay a little healthier this cold and flu season. [click to continue…]