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Must-have Apps for Nurses

by Tera Tuten on December 4, 2012

Must-have Apps for Nurses

The app market grows at an exponential rate each day, and there are plenty of offerings aimed at nurses, other medical professionals, and medical students. Which ones are essential for you?

On the job offers a number of apps designed with the medical professional in mind. Two that are essential for nurses are:

Pill Identifier is a great app that offers visual and input identification for more than 14,000 medications. You can search by imprint, drug name, color, shape, and score. Anybody who has ever dealt with a pill tray hitting the floor can appreciate the value of this app!

Drug Reference offers vital information about dosing, drug interactions, adverse reactions, warnings and precautions. Both of these apps install directly on your phone, so you can access the information even if you have no bars…or no internet. Each app runs $39.99.

IDdx: Infectious Disease Queries is a free app that allows you to input symptoms, epidemiological information, and geographical region to identify diseases, or input a disease to check the symptoms. [click to continue…]