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Coping with Mistakes as a Medical Professional

by Soliant Health on May 30, 2017

medical mistakesFirst, do no harm – the words of the Hippocratic oath are forever embedded in the memory of every person who spends even a moment in the medical profession. While our time is spent working to make the best decisions possible for the patients that have entrusted you with their care or the care of their loved ones, at the end of the day, we are all simply human. Mistakes will be made and whether they are the result of a judgment error, lack of information, or simply from distraction and being overworked, they can be detrimental and consuming. [click to continue…]


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patient engagement softwareTechnology has made its way into everyone’s home and business, and there is no exception for the health care industry. With cutting edge technology changing the way that we diagnose patients, the health care industry as a whole is embracing new tech with open arms. Patient engagement software is just one way that physicians and other medical professionals can use technology to improve the level of patient care and make office visits more efficient. Here are four ways that patient engagement software might be able to take your office’s performance to the next level. [click to continue…]



Five New Year’s Resolutions for Medical Professionals

by Soliant Health on January 3, 2017

New-Years-Resolutions-medical-professionalsWelcome to 2017! We have a fresh, new start to the year, and it’s filled with opportunities to improve ourselves, hone our professional abilities, and have a little fun. You might have already made a list of resolutions that include the old standbys of losing weight, eating healthier, or saving more money, but it’s a perfect time to start on the way to achieving new professional goals or creating good work habits with some extra resolutions. Here are a few easy ideas that can help you make 2017 a successful new year in your professional life. [click to continue…]



Medical JobOver the past year or so, a number of our posts have featured an important common focus: Gaining the greatest advantage possible towards finding your perfect job in healthcare.

Ever since a few people have mentioned how they used more than one posting as part of a larger toolkit for career advancement, we thought it would be a fun (and possibly even more useful) experiment to assemble some of these posts together into a larger career-building unit.

Categorized below is our first-ever multi-entry guide to landing your dream job in the medical industry:

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