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Hospitals of the not so distant future…

by Soliant Health on September 12, 2017

Giant technological advances in healthcare and medicine are developing at a rapid rate. From growing organs in labs to stem cell treatment and 3D printing to surgical robots, these innovative changes are going to help minimize costs, improve the way medical staff work, and most importantly, save lives. As experts in healthcare recruitment, from travel nursing jobs to roles in therapy, we keep track of all the latest trends in the industry.

A lot of the technologies mentioned in our recent hospitals of the future project, here, may not be available for many years to come – some are still several decades away. However, medical developments are happening all the time, many of which people may not even be aware of. In the next five years, some breakthrough treatments may become available in the medical world that are sure to change the lives of millions. [click to continue…]



National Doctors Day is, of course, first and foremost an opportunity to thank the physicians in your life—your bosses, your colleagues, your own care providers—for all the incredibly hard work they’ve done over the last 364 days. It’s the least they deserve for all those long hours and life-saving interventions and all. But it’s also as good a time as any to marvel at just how far medicine has come and, consequently, how drastically the doctor’s role has changed over the years, decades, and centuries. No longer do doctors attempt to cure cancer with leeches and moonshine, or jump to start sawing off appendages at the first sign of frostbite. Indeed, considering how enlightened today’s doctors are in terms of treatment, technology, and patient relations compared to their counterparts of even the recent past, one can only speculate wildly about what the doctors of the future will find themselves treating. So allow us to speculate wildly about what the doctors of the future will find themselves treating. [click to continue…]


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